It is increasingly difficult for designers and creators to get their products into prime retail spaces. But thanks to SHOPCreative, our first ever pop-up shop happened! Moon Water was recently at BOXPark Shoreditch together with 30 other creatives.


Lisa, founder of SHOPCreative, was extremely helpful providing this opportunity for Moon Water, and the team is beyond grateful for all her support. Please visit SHOPCreative’s website if you would like to be part of a pop-up shop. Lisa is a PhD student at the London College of Fashion, where she does research on how creators start their own businesses, from their experiences when going through the process, and how innovation in retail could help with providing long-term business success.



is a concept of repurposing shipping containers, which has revolutionised retail experience in fashion and creativity back to where it belongs – on the streets.


It is not all about retail. Here in Boxpark, you can EAT, DRINK and PLAY. I had a vegan bowl of goodness from the Cookdaily while Maria had a scrumptious handmade fresh pasta from Osteria Della Pasta. Both highly recommended.


 We were intrigued by this man and his sense of style. His name is Ammar Bashier.

Check him out. We were left in awe.



 A place where the famous playwright Shakespeare once lived. He was a “Shoreditch boy.” Joined by his peers, they performed at The Curtain Theatre, which was eventually buried beneath a Victorian goods yard.


Another legend holds that Shoreditch was originally named “Shore’s Ditch,” after a mistress of Edward IV was supposedly buried in a ditch in the area. Creepy but not anymore!


Shoreditch, with its rich history, is an area where vintage fashion comes alive. The cultural and historical presence of Shoreditch makes it an exciting and unique experience for anyone visiting.

The quirky and edgy vibe makes it a paradise for art and fashion lovers. Outstanding graffiti artwork in every corner, which are visually captivating.



To cap off the day, Maria and I went to London Shuffle for cocktails while watching how these guys’ shuffle. A mixed twist of bowling and curling; if you are a fan, go try this!

Happy hours!

Moon Water was in BOXpark during

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 11:00 AM
Sunday, August 19, 2018 5:00 PM

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