Co-founder, CEO, Creative Director

I have deep passion for philanthropy. I grew up in Philippines where I have witnessed what real poverty is like – challenges such as overwhelming financial problems, a compromised health care system, high rate of illiteracy, and high unemployment. I was never ashamed of it; I am very proud to be a Filipino regardless. Moon Water was born not only to show my admiration for traditional methods of weaving and sewing, but also to share my strong desire to support Filipino artisans. Outside Moon Water, I work full-time as a clinical research practitioner. I also hold a Masters Degree in Public Health. I feel great fulfilment in creating new knowledge and contributing to research that has such a positive impact on public health and society. My career goal is to aid in developing treatments for people who suffer a catastrophic injury, so that they may recover quickly and still lead a good quality of life. As for Moon Water, I hope to showcase the Filipino arts and culture, and formulate realistic and tangible programs to improve literacy and wellness, especially for Filipinos.



Co-founder, Artisan-Finder, Surfer

I have lived, worked and travelled around Taiwan and Canada, but my heart tells me to move back home. The waves are calling me. So yes, I am now based in the Philippines. I do not know for how long but we have big plans for Moon Water. One of our projects is focused on Filipino children. I am very passionate about childhood development and currently working on my Master Degree Major in Maternal and Child Nursing. I found a way to incorporate my love for yoga with my passion by becoming a yoga teacher for kids.

Aside from perfecting my standing bow pulling pose, I enjoy cooking vegetarian dishes, writing poems and curating collections for Moon Water. I am looking forward to working with local artisans in the Philippines, and continuing my surfing lessons.



Co-founder, Marketing Director

I am embracing whatever surprises life may bring. I am not an expert in history and art but I love a trip to museums and art galleries. Moving to London 9 years ago was the best decision I have ever made. I am thrilled to share our plans for Moon Water, so stay tuned!