Abaca Vase

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These lovely vases boast striking earthy hues

Used as herbal plant pot to accentuate your kitchen as seen on the photos


Made in Philippines

Made of abaca fibre



100% vegan friendly

100% handmade using intertwined abaca fibres

Strong and durable fibres

peach and black



Height 14cm

Diameter 12.5 cm

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What is Abaca

  • a.k.a. Manila hemp.
  • A relative of banana that does not produce edible bananas!
  • Native to the Philippines
  • Values for its super strong and flexible fiber, resistance to saltwater damage
  • Harvesting abaca is laborious; it is cut into strips then scraped to remove the pulp
    • Mercedes Benz has used abaca yarn in automobile body parts
    • Japan’s yen banknotes contain up to 30% abaca
    • The world’s leading abaca producer is the Philippines!


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