Made in Philippines

Made of pandan leaves



100% handmade

all natural material

with a different weaving technique on the inside



Length 40cm
Width 20cm
Height 30cm

Out of stock

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What is Pandan

  • Also known as “bariu” in Visayas
  • It has more than 40 known species.
  • It is a salt tolerant type of screw pine found in many islands in the Western Pacific
  • The artisans/farmers strip the leaves, which can be as tall as a person, air-dried and later woven into bags and other items. The process is tedious because they have to remove each spikes
  • High quality, strong and resistant to changing weather conditions
  • It is a seasoning in Southeast Asian cooking; it gives a subtle vanilla-like aroma to rice dishes and other desserts.
  • FUN FACT: Pandan is the “new avocado” and “new matcha.” Brace yourself for a similar explosion.


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