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Bloggers favourite summer backpack

Smoked over a coconut husk and honey fire to attain their natural golden colour, strengthen the weave and protect from insects. The scent will dissipate over time with exposure to air.


Made of rattan


Real leather adjustable straps

Ribbon loop clasp


Length top: 20.5cm
Length base: 26.5cm
Width top: 11.5cm
Width base: 13cm
Height: 21cm

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What is rattan

  • a.k.a manila or malacca named after the ports of shipment Manila and Malacca City
  • It belongs to the palm family, which have 600 different species
  • It continues to provide an invaluable livelihood in Southeast Asia
  • Easy to harvest and grows faster than trees
  • Dried under the sun and often smoked using sulphur
  • Can be boiled in oil to make them dry and to protect them from insects
  • Light, durable and relatively flexible
    • In 2010, scientists pioneered a new “wood to bone” process for the production of artificial bone made of rattan (isn’t fascinating!!!)


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