Pink Woven Case


100% beautifully woven by Filipino artisan. These vibrant cases have so much potential. It was originally designed as a pen and pencil case. But it can also be used to store make-up brushes! Not only that, to start a zero-waste lifestyle, this is a good buy to keep your cutlery on the go.


Made of Buri

Length 20cm
Circumference 20cm

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What is BURI

  • It is from Buri palm, largest palm in the Philippines
  • It is considered to be the third most important palm in the country (after coconut tree and nipa)
  • There are three types of raw materials produced:
    • Buri – matured leaf; used for placemats, hats, and this unique case
    • Raffia – young shoot or leaf; commercially traded in bleached or unbleached form. It is used for cloth, hats, mats, bags
    • Buntal – long light coloured strand extracted manually, which can be made into bags, hats, slippers, and baskets
  • The fruit of the buri is a cheap source of food and good source of starch
  • The sap is made into vinegar¬† and when fermented becomes alcohol
  • The Buri palm is considered the tree of life in San Juan, Philippines because of its many uses


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