It was my first  time to visit Real, Quezon. It is less than 4 hours drive from Manila and almost half of the trip has stunning views! I was born and raised in the Philippines yet I am always surprised by how beautiful my beloved country is.
I went for a short trip with my friends to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. We arrived there just in time for sunrise. I guess this was my favourite part of our trip. I rarely see the boys really quiet except when we were looking at this view.
Real Quezon is known as a surfing spot. Unfortunately, we did not have luck on that weekend when it came with the waves. But someone showed us how to skim board so we gave it a try.
Most of the time we were on the sand, sharing drinks, telling stories, playing with the dogs and admiring the views.
I love how calm Real Quezon is. I enjoyed looking at the sea meeting the sky. When I caught myself smiling because there were so many shades of green I even gave it a title “50 Shades of Green”.
And finally celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday after couple of years being away from him, truly, Real Quezon will hold a special place in my heart.

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